Can the Billings Ovulation Method® be used to achieve pregnancy?

Yes. Today, many couples face difficulty in achieving pregnancy. Help is often found by using the Billings Ovulation Method® to determine the beginning and end of a woman's fertile phase. Women quickly learn how to identify their own, unique patterns of fertility. Regardless of the regularity or irregularity of the cycle, the return of fertility is recognizable whether women are discontinuing contraceptives, breastfeeding, weaning or premenopausal. Once the window of fertility is recognized, couples can use that time to achieve a pregnancy.

Unique to natural methods of family planning, such as the Billings Method, couples are able to reverse their pregnancy intentions from cycle to cycle.

Because women become familiar with their individual signs and symptoms, they can quickly detect any changes that signal the need for medical attention. In addition, the chart which reflects the woman's hormonal patterns, can be an excellent medical tool in detecting problems with low fertility, the luteal phase, and other concerns.